AccountEdge Basic/Pro for Mac

We offer an industry-standard migration service to convert your AccountEdge Mac data file to Quickbooks Enterprise, Pro, Premier, Accountant, Mac, or Quickbooks Online. This is a full service AccountEdge Mac data integration with all lists and transactional history.

accountedge basic/pro for mac
AccountEdge Mac Conversion Testimonials

Seamless Migration

  • All lists converted
  • All historical transactions converted
  • All financial reports match source data 100%


  • Fully encrypted transfers
  • 20+ years of experience
  • 2,000+ migration projects completed


  • Full service conversion
  • Quick Turnaround time
  • Software-driven and highly automated

AccountEdge Mac Conversion Specifications

We convert your AccountEdge Mac data file to Quickbooks with engineering precision. Below are the specifications of the conversion:

Quickbooks Setup

Organisation details & financial settings

Chart of Accounts

Exactly as in AccountEdge Mac with opening balances

Items & Inventory

Exactly as in AccountEdge Mac with quantities

All Lists

All AccountEdge Mac lists including Customers, Vendors, Employee, Other Names


Full transaction history conversion from AccountEdge Mac to Quickbooks

Payroll Conversion

Payroll data is converted as Journal Entries

Conversion Audit

Trial Balance and Aging Reports reconciled to the source data file

Conversion Checklist

Post conversion checklist document

What is Converted?

The following is a summary of lists and transaction types converted from AccountEdge Mac to Quickbooks:


  • Chart of Accounts
  • Customer list
  • Vendor List
  • Jobs List
  • Employee List
  • Service Items
  • Inventory Items
  • Non-Inventory Items
  • Assembly Builds Items


  • Invoices
  • Customer Payments
  • Credit Memo
  • Sales Receipts
  • Bills
  • Vendor Credits
  • Vendor Payments
  • Checks
  • Journal Entries
  • Item Receipts
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Liability Adjustments
  • Paychecks (as Journal Entries)
  • Payroll Liability Checks
  • Sales Tax Payments
  • Transfers
  • Estimates
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders

Data Migration FAQ

What is the turnaround time?

The average turnaround time is 2-3 business days. The turnaround time depends on the size of your data file and the complexity of the conversion. Weekend conversion service is available.

Which versions of Quickbooks can AccountEdge Mac be converted to?

AccountEdge Mac can be converted to Quickbooks Enterprise, Pro, Premier, Mac, or Quickbooks Online.

How many fiscal years of data are converted?

US Data files: All fiscal years of data are converted.
Canadian Data files: The last 2 fiscal years of data are converted by default. If you need additional years converted, you will need to let us know how many fiscal years of data you want to convert. Also, Projects are not converted by default because Quickbooks does not support projects. Projects can be converted to classes but you need to request this customization.

What can I expect after ordering this service?

After ordering the service, we will send you instructions to securely upload a backup of your data file. After we convert the file, we will send you a secure link to download a backup of the converted Quickbooks file in the requested format.

How secure is my data?

At E-Tech, privacy and security are of our utmost concern. Accordingly, all data files are transmitted to and form us is via secure servers (SSL encrypted) to ensure safety and security during transmission. Once we perform our services, we securely store our clients information on our servers for a period of 14 days at which time all client data is deleted (please inform us if you would like the information deleted immediately).

You have our pledge that any and all information provided to us is merely in the performance of our services and we would never use such information for our own gain.

What is not converted from AccountEdge Mac?

We only currently convert core accounting data from AccountEdge Mac and not the following types of data.

  • Bank Reconciliations (You will need to do one bank reconciliation after the conversion)
  • Paychecks are converted as Journal Entries (Payroll data conversion is not supported by Quickbooks)
  • Employee YTD information (You will need to enter employee YTD information into Quickbooks after the conversion since payroll data conversion is not supported by Quickbooks)
  • Individual employee wage or deduction information
  • AccountEdge Mac Custom templates
  • Budgets
  • Custom templates
  • Jobs are not attached to transactions
  • Fixed Asset Items (This is only applicable if your Sage 50 data file is linked to Sage 50 Fixed Assets)
  • Work Tickets
  • Posting and Non-posting transactions after the current date are not converted
  • Closed or partially closed Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Estimates
  • Quickbooks handles Sales tax differently compared to Sage 50 and you may need to make Sales Tax Adjustments prior to using Quickbooks
  • Sales Tax items are converted to Quickbooks but Customer Sales Tax defaults are not assigned to customers.
  • We try to map every available field in Sage 50/Peachtree to the corresponding field in Quickbooks. In some cases, fields are not compatible and are not transferred over. You will need to manually enter such fields after the conversion. Examples of such fields are vendor default account numbers, preferred vendors for inventory, multiple shipping addresses for customers, and default Customer Sales Tax settings.

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