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2c. Removing user-level security for a non-encrypted database

To reset user-level security of a non-encrypted database, first click the [Browse...] button, and select the database file whose user-level security you wish to reset.

Next, click the [Remove Security Settings...] button. The database will be processed, and you will see a screen as shown below on completion.

A new database with the name NBFIXED.MDB will be created in the same directory as the original database. You might want to try opening the database with the current workgroup security settings, and login as a member of the Admins group.
It is however recommended that you create a new workgroup, join it and then open the database.

If the database does not open, or you don't have access to tables in the database, it may be encrypted. In this case, try removing user-level security from an encrypted database.


After you have successfully opened the database, rename the database [NBFIXED.MDB]. This database will be overwritten when 'Remove Access Security' processes other databases.

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