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Adobe Acrobat PDF Corrupt or Damaged File Repair/Recovery

Recoverable Quickbooks Error Codes :

Successful completion Unknown Invalid argument value Invalid SQL handle state Invalid SQL handle typeInvalid SQL handle Invalid method argument name Creation of an index during table duplication failed
Table may have been successfully created
Check HIWORD of return codeAn unbound parameter was encountered during execution of SQL statement The specified buffer length is not allowed for this data type The specified data type requires a valid count argumentThe SQL statement requires more input paramaters than were defined in statement object The SQL statement has not been successfully executed The SQL statement has not been successfully prepared The parameter or column index value argument) passed to BindParameter or BindStatementColumn is invalidThe internal resource that serializes access to this statement timed out Invalid SQL statement handle Null SQL statement handle Collator object is being used Invalid locale information found in index file Unsupported collation sort order Unsupported collation language Invalid collator handleFailure opening server stream The internal resource that serializes access to this web connection timed out The internal resource that serializes access to this method timed out The current operation cannot be completed because the specified method is busy Invalid web method handle Null web method handle Invalid web object handle Null web object handle Invalid web member nameInvalid web method nameInvalid web object nameInvalid web component name Duplicate web component name Invalid web connection handle Null web connection handle Invalid expression function argument and expression term function Unbale to convert from specified data type to column type A record set update operation is in progress The record set update handle is invalidNull record set update handle An aggregate function has been mentioned in an ORDER BY clause The nonDISTINCT form of the COUNT aggregate function can only speficy * as in specified for DISTINCT aggregate function Missing OF keyword from CURRENT OF clause The specified UPDATE function is invalid Missing TIMESTAMP keyword from CURRENT TIMESTAMP token Missing TIME keyword from CURRENT TIME token Missing DATE keyword from CURRENT DATE token Unexpected token or keywordExpected BY keyword in SQL statement Expected UPDATE keyword in SQL statement The column name does not belong to any of the tables mentioned in the statementThe table name in a "table
column" token is invalidExpected AS keyword in SQL statement Expected logical operator OR) keyword in SQL statement Expected SET keyword in SQL statement Expected WHERE keyword in SQL statementExpected TABLE keyword in SQL statementExpected FROM keyword in SQL statement Expected INTO keyword in SQL statement Default locale cannot be set because there is at least one open database The specified character set is not supported The specified language is not supported by the specified character set Soundex algorithm is only supported for ASCII characters Expected DEFAULT clause in column definition The specified default value exceeds the columns width The specified escape sequence is invalid Unexpected type of escape sequence The specified SQL verb is not recognized by the SQL parser The specified default date, time, or timestamp is invalid FOR UPDATE clause not allowed in nested SELECT statements GROUP BY clause not allowed in nested SELECT statementsA nested SELECT statement was expect following the leading parenthesis The table name specified in the INTO clause already exists The type of insertion and SELECTed columns must be identical The number of insertion columns does not match the number of SELECTed columns The number and or type of SELECTed columns does not match the table columnsClosing parenthesis expected The specified results set is not associated with an SQL cursor The specified cursor name is in useThe specified cursor name is invalid The specified database catalog file is downlevel
Please upgrade your database The table is currently in use for readonly access Unable to locate physical table row associated with specified result row Internal error releasing database semaphoreInternal error releasing table semaphore Database semaphore timed out Table semaphore timed out Internal error creating database semaphore Internal error creating table semaphoreInternal error closing database semaphore Internal error closing table semaphore File write runtime IO errorFile seek runtime IO error File read runtime IO error The specified column cannot be changed The index file header is invalid because the signatures do not match The application is trying to create a file with a block size smaller than allowed Multiple DISTINCT aggregate functions are not allowed The specified select handle has other select results that depend on it A DISTINCT aggregate function must appear by itselfInvalid column specified in GROUP BY clauseInvalid lock table modeNo columns specified for joined table Column name appears in multiple tables
Resolve ambiguity by using table_name
column_name syntax Specified column does not belong to any of the named tablesAggregate function not allowed on the specified column typeNonaggregate function specified Aggregate function specification is syntactically incorrectA parenthesis specified by the SQL syntax is missing The specified database file is either invalid or not supported in this version There is insufficient space to migrate the specified database Invalid database driverThe specified SQL syntax is not supported at the momentThe SQL statement is incorrect
Check for missing INTO, FROM, WHERE, etc Table name missing in SQL statement
At least one table must be specified The FROM clause is missing Invalid column list specification in SQL statement Syntax error in update expression
Check update actions and arithmetic operators Quoted value expected in update expression The WHERE clause is missingEqual sign expected in update expression IO Error on e_Fs file Unable to translate MBCS character to UNICODE characterUnable to translate UNICODE character to MBCS characterInvalid time periodUnable to open database compound file The database is not associated with the specified access group The user does not belong to the specified access group Session terminated do to protection violation Invalid user, group, or volume nameInvalid character in administrative name
Alphabetical and spaces only allowed Maximum number of concurrent logged on users has been reached User is already logged on Function not available in versionUsers current password expiredUser must change the password The specified new password is invalid Invalid communications processor name Duplicate communications processor nameNo default volume defined for this server Server configuration file appears to be corrupted Invalid storage volume pathInvalid storage volume nameDuplicate storage volume name Administrator account required Cannot delete systemgenerated groups Invalid administrative session handle The update action is not available for type CT_LONGINT Invalid server passwordDatabase is already associated with specified access group Invalid database name Duplicate database nameUser already associated with specified group Invalid access group name Duplicate access group nameInvalid user name Duplicate user nameUser permission settings do not allow this operation A zero value cannot be inserted into a standalone indexInvalid standalone index handleNull standalone index handle Too many key fields specified for standalone index Invalid time type Specified transaction path is invalid Specified error log path is invalidEvent proc decided not to attempt a reconnect The usersupplied data was truncated to fit the specified column This protocol name has not been added to this instance The maximumn number of protocols per instance has been reached Unable to drop a column included in a compound key Unable to drop all columns of a table
Drop the table instead Unable to load the specified communications driver dynamic link libraryUnable to map communications driver procedure The maximum number of varchar columns per table has been exceeded Unable to create script output fileUnable to create the C header file Unable to open the specified table data file Cannot open the specified script file Cannot catalog to a memorybased table Counter type columns not allowed in memorybased tablesLongvarchar or longvarbinary type columns not allowed in memorybased tables No indexing of memorybased tables is allowed Function or feature not supported in this environment or in this release Another user has modified this row No results table found The database instance handle is invalidError find location of data in import file Error reading variable length data from import fileMissing variablelength import fileMissing colon character in input numeric stringThe maximum number of longvarbinary columns per table has been exceededThe operation is not available for type CT_LONGVARBINARY The operation is not available for type CT_REALThe operation is not available for type CT_TINYINT The operation is not available for type CT_BINARY Missing units in time update expression: h=hours, m=minutes, s=seconds Invalid time units
Use h for hours, m for minutes, and s for secondsThe operation is not available for type CT_TIMESTAMP The operation is not available for type CT_TIMEThe hour value of this column is invalid The seconds value of this column is invalidThe minute value of this column is invalid The length of the time field must be 6 An invalid digit was found when parsing a time value Cannot perform function on a column of this type Specified handle not related to requested handle Expected single quote character in string Invalid transaction table
Transaction rolled back
Too many left parenthesis Expected logical operator Expected data term At least one missing left parenthesis Invalid expression Specified table record too longUnknown runtime IO error Transaction internally rolled back
No space left on deviceInvalid file or directory name Too many files openAttempt to open readonly file for write accessBad file handle or an attempt was made to write to a readonly device A recursive internallock conflict occurredThe specified table name is invalid for this database A transaction is activeUnable to create InProgressTransaction file The update action is not available for type CT_VARCHAR A passed in array has an improper size for this function Insufficient space to return column value A database transaction must have been previosuly started At least one column could not be matched in joined allocating memory from the callers stackInvalid handle to database transaction Nested database transactions are not allowed Invalid database driver capability The Beta Test period has expired The specified numeric value is out of rangeThe specified expression or update block has no terms or actions The specified index must contain unique entriesThe specified column must be indexed Duplicate index name Invalid February day You must specify an event procedure before calling this function Index names can only contain alphanumerical characters and spaces Cannot promote current database access to requested mode Unable to lock table after several attemptsTable in use by another thread The database in use by another thread Two or more columns share the same nameUnable to load the specified database driver dynamic link library Unable to map database driver procedureWidth of specified value exceeds column width Error composing table or index file name Index name maximum length exceeded Table name maximum length exceeded Internal index name for counter column collides with existing oneGeneral failure writing to a disk file Error writing to an export fileError writing to database dictionary file Failed to locate variable data file during integrity check Unmatched tables in select operation The top of the index file has been unexpectedly reachedThe number of longvarchar columns per table has been exceeded Maximum number of rows reached The specified table is not currently lockedFailed to locate table during integrity check Table already exists with the name of the table being catalogued Joined table collides with main join table Processing stopped as a result of return code from user callback Maximum number of records reached The specified record has been previously deleted Error reading from database dictionary file Error opening specified database dictionary file opening the specified import fileError creating the specified export file Null update block handle Null table handle Null select handle Null join handle Null database engine instance handle Null expression handle Null data space handle Null database handle Flag SELF_DYNAMIC cannot be used in join operationsPool of file handles has been exhaustedImport file header not found at the beginning of the file A numeric value must have at least one digit Missing units in date update expressionSpecified result row index is out of range The specified column cannot be indexed Function LockTable was called twice for the same table Only extended numeric columns allowed Cannot drop the database while other users have it openError allocating memoryThe requested index key may have been foundThe requested index key was not found Null database instance handle Column width must be greater than or equal to 1 and less than the maximum supported width A thread attempted to unlock a resource locked by another thread UPDATE procedure returned an invalid authentication value Invalid update action Invalid number of TBLINFO structures Invalid physical table Structure size is incompatible with this tables record width One or more pointer parameters are NULLInvalid database openmode Specified expression operator is invalid or unsupportedAn invalid digit was found when parsing a numeric valueThe month value of this column is invalid The specified logical operation is invalid The specified key expression is invalidThe specified joined column is invalid Invalid number of NDXINFO structures Specified index does not exist in this databaseImport column not found on specified table Invalid update block handleInvalid table handle Invalid select handle Invalid join handleInvalid expression handle The dataspace handle is invalid The database handle is invalid Specified filename is invalid Expression operation not supported on specified data type The specified error id value is out of range The decimal width of a CT_NUMERIC column cannot exceed its total column width Specified database path is invalid or cannot be accessed The specified database filename is invalid The day value of this column is invalidInvalid date units The length of the date field must be 8 An invalid digit was found when parsing a date value The specified column name is either too long, or has zero length The specified column does not exist in this table Specified column type is invalid or unsupportedInvalid count of columns Unknown error code returned by database driver Invalid change specification
Syntax: Alphabetical or parenthesis character expected Valid boolean values are Y or T, and N or F Internal and obsolete return code Cannot complete operation with the current database openmode Failed to locate index file during integrity check The update action is not available for type CT_WORDThe update action is not available for type CT_LONGVARCHAR The update action is not available for type CT_UPDATECOUNT The update action is not available for type CT_SMALLINTOperation not supported on specified data type The update action is not available for type CT_NUMERIC The update action is not available for type CT_INTEGER The update action is not available for type CT_CHARThe update action is not available for type CT_FLOAT The update action is not available for type CT_DWORD The update action is not available for type CT_DATEThe update action is not available for type CT_COUNTER The update action is not available for type CT_BYTEThe update action is not available for type CT_BOOLEAN Internal error
Restore database tables and recreate index files The end of the index file has been unexpectedly reachedError adding a unique index key that already existsDuplicate columns of type CT_UPDATECOUNT are not allowed Cannot create a table with the name of an existing table Duplicate columns of type CT_COUNTER are not allowed The specified column already existsCant add more than one action for the same column in update block Semaphore requests exceed 65535Too many semaphore handles in the system Semaphore timedoutThe process that owned the semaphore has died Unable to close a semaphore because another thread is using it Caller thread is not the semaphores owner Not enough memory to complete semaphore operation Invalid parameter passed to a semaphore related function Invalid semaphore name Invalid semaphore handle An external event unblocked the requester thread Internal DOS error Semaphore name is already in use The list of joined columns contains one or more invalid column names File already exists and cannot be overwritten Error creating the Database Access File JOINed columns must match in type and widthThe length of the specified key expression is invalid Unable to lock database after maximum number of retriesUnable to drop a locked database The specified database already exists Unable to open the database in the specified openmode Error base Connection name in use 08002 Connection timeout expired HYT01 Timeout expiredHYT00 Optional feature not implemented HYC00 Invalid bookmark value HY111 Invalid driver completion HY110 Invalid cursor positionHY109 Row value out of range HY107 Fetch type out of rangeHY106 Invalid parameter type HY105 Invalid precision or scale value HY104 Invalid retrieval code HY103 Accuracy option type out of range HY101 Uniqueness option type out of rangeHY100 Nullable type out of range HY099 Scope type out of rangeHY098 Column type out of range HY097 Invalid information type HY096 Function type out of range HY095 Invalid identifierHY092 Invalid descriptor field identifierHY091 Invalid string or buffer lengthHY090 Invalid attribute valueHY024 Inconsistent descriptor informationHY021 Attempt to concatenate a null valueHY020 Noncharacter and nonbinary data sent in pieces HY019 Invalid use of an automatically allocated descriptor handleHY017 Cannot modify an implementation row descriptor HY016 No cursor name available HY015 Limit on the number of handles exceededHY014 Memory management errorHY013 Invalid transaction operation code HY012 Attribute cannot be set nowHY011 Function sequence errorHY010 Invalid use of null pointerHY009 Associated statement is not prepared HY007 Invalid SQL data type HY004 Invalid application buffer typeHY003 Memory allocation errorHY001 General error HY000 Column not found 42S22 Column already exists 42S21 Index not found42S12 Index already exists 42S11 Base table or view not found 42S02 Base table or view already exists 42S01 Syntax error or access violation 42000 Serialization failure 40001 Duplicate cursor name 3C000 Invalid cursor name34000 Invalid authorization specification28000 Transaction is rolled back 25S03 Transaction is still active25S02 Transaction state 25S01 Invalid transaction state 25000 Invalid cursor state 24000 Invalid escape sequence22025 Invalid escape character 22019 Division by zero 22012 Invalid datetime format22007 Numeric value out of range 22003 22001 Insert value list does not match column list 21S01 Communication link failure 08S01 Server rejected the connection 08004 Connection does not exist 08003 Client unable to establish connection 08001 Invalid use of default parameter 07S01 Invalid descriptor index 07009 COUNT field incorrect 07002 Wrong number of parameters 07001 String data, righttruncated 01004 Disconnect error 01002

Other Errors

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