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File Format Extensions Encyclopaedia

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E-Tech Recovery Damaged/Corrupt File Repair or Data Conversion Service:
Please send us your damaged/corrupted file for a FREE No-Obligation Evaluation by our qualified engineers by clicking here or sending us an email at After you submit a request, we will send you details to send us your file via FTP. If we can repair your file, we will send you a quote and you can decide if you want to go ahead with the recovery.

To view our Privacy policy click here.

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U Unreal System File
U2 Telelogic Tau UML Model
U2E Unreal Game Translation
U2P Telelogic Tau UML Program Text File
U8 Raw Unsigned 8-Bit Audio Data
U96 EasyZip Temporary File
UAP User Agent Wireless Telephony Profile
UAX Unreal Audio File
UB Audio File
UB Raw Unsigned Byte (8-bit) Data
UC2 Compressed File
UCF Xilinx Foundation User Constraint File
UCM Urban Chaos Game File
UCN Compressed Archive
UCS Universal Classification Standard Database File
UDB PINO 3-Server File
UDF MS Excel User Defined Function
UDF Photostyler Image Filter
UDF Windows NT Uniqueness Database File
UDL MS Data Link
UDW Raw Unsigned DoubleWord (32-bit) Data
UE2 Encrypted Archive
UFO Ulead Object File
UG Drawing File (various)
UHA UHARC Compressed Archive
UHS Universal Hint System File
UHTM Unreal Tournament File
UI Geoworks UI Compiler Espire Source
UI User Interface
UIF WordPerfect Long Prompts
UIH Geoworks UI Compiler Espire Header
UIS WindowBlinds Skin (changes the look and feel of Windows XP)
UL uLAW Audio File
ULD Procomm Uploaded Files
ULS Internet Location Service
ULT UltraTracker Music Module (MOD) File
UMB MemMaker Backup Archive
UMOD Unreal Tournament Self-extracting MOD File
UMX Unreal Music File
UNI Forcast Pro Data File
UNI MikMod (UniMod) Format
UNL Informix Binary File Created by UNLOAD Command
UNQ Fax View File (unverified)
UNR Unreal Map File
UNX Text File (usually UNIX)
UPD dBase Update File
UPD ProUpdater Per/Directory Options Setting File
UPD Universal Print Driver (cross-platform)
UPD Updated Program Data (various)
UPI ULead Photo Impact Program File
UPJ ULead Project File
UPO dBase Compiled Update File
UPX ULead Photo Express Saved Image File
URF Radar ViewPoint Universal Radar Format
URL Internet Location/Shortcut (in MS IE)
USA Unreal Saved Game File
USB D-Link FM Radio Update
USB USB Protocol Analyzer Trace (USBChief, USBAdvisor, USBTracer)
USE MKS Source Integrity File
USL LaserJet Landscape Font
USP Adobe PageMaker Printer Font
USP LaserJet Portrait Font
USR User Database (various)
UTF AOL Updating Files (found in TOD [Tools on Demand] folder)
UTL Sound File
UTP BinPatch Patch Data File
UTX Unicode File (editor: UniPad)
UTX Unreal Texture File
UU Compressed Archive File (UUENCODE)
UU UU-encoded File
UUD Uudecoded File
UUE Uuencoded File
UVR Ulead Cool 360 Viewer File
UVW geoManager/geoInterface User View
UW Audio File
UW Raw Unsigned Word (16-bit) Data
UW Unitype GlobalWriter File
UWF UltraTracker Wave File
UWL WordPerfect User Word List
UZR UZR 3D Streamable 3D File Format
V Go to top of page
V ReaGeniX Code Generator Consistency Check Support File
V Verilog File
V Vivid Main Input File
V2D VersaCAD File
V3D Vecta3D Model File
V64 Nintento 64 Emulation ROM Image
V8 Covox 8-bit Audio
VAD Mapper Variant File (program for taking an adjudication from a diplomacy judge)
VAG Sony PlayStation ADPCM Sound File
VAL dBase Values
VAL Paradox Validity Checks
VAM Velazquez Application Map
VAN VistaPro Animation
VAP Annotated Speech
VAR Icon Author Variable
VAR Sterling Software Data Dictionary File (Sterling merged with Computer Associates)
VB VBScript File or Any VisualBasic Source
VBA VBase File
VBD ActiveX File
VBE VBScript Encoded Script File
VBG Visual Basic Group Project
VBK VisualCADD Backup File
VBL User Control Licensing File
VBN Norton Corporate Anti-Virus Quarantined File (Caution: file may be infected)
VBP Visual Basic Project
VBR Remote Automation Registration Files
VBS Visual Basic Script
VBW Visual Basic Project Workspace
VBX Visual Basic Custom Control/Extension
VBZ Wizard Launch File
VC VisiCalc Spreadsheet File
VCD Virtual CD-ROM
VCD VisualCADD Drawing File
VCE Natural MicroSystems Voice File
VCE NMS, used by Cool Edit
VCF vCard File
VCF Vevi Configuration File; defines objects for use with Sense8's WorldToolKit
VCF VP HybridCAD Native Format
VCH Interlock Public Computer Utility
VCI VP HybridCAD Native Format
VCM Visual Component File
VCS MS Outlook vCalendar File
VCS Video Clipstream Video File
VCT Visual Class Library Memo (used by MS Visual FoxPro 6)
VCW MS Visual C++ Workbench Information File
VCX FoxPro Class Library
VCX Spreadsheet File
VCX Visual class library (used by MS Visual FoxPro 6)
VDA CAD File (federation of the automobile industry surfaces interface file)
VDA Targa Bitmap
VDB Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition Update File
VDB PC-cillin Quarantined File
VDF AntiVir Virus Definition File
VDF Vexira Anti-virus Virus Definition File
VDO VDOScript File
VDR ComputerEasy Draw File
VDT SwiftView Command File
VDT VersaPro Variable Declaration Table
VDX Vector Graphic File
VDX Virtual Device Driver (also see .VXD)
VDX VMM32.VDX: system driver that checks duplicate .VXD files and switches to protected mode
VDX XML for Visio Drawing File
VEE HP VEE Project File (visual environment for microelectric circuits)
VEM VeePro Embroidery Software Format
VEM Voice E-mail File
VENUE VenueBench Data File
VER Version description file
VEW Clipper Viewfile
VEW Lotus Approach View File
VFM Voter Voting Form
VFN Voter Customer Voting Form
VFW Video for Windows
VGA Targa Bitmap
VGA VGA Screen Driver
VGD Generic CADD VGA Driver
VGM Video Game Music File Format
VGR Ventura Graphic
VHD VHDL Design File (text file used in design projects)
VHDL VHDL Design File (text file used in design projects)
VI Jovian Logic VI Graphics
VI LabView File
VI Virtual Instrument file from National Instruments LABView product
VIB Chemsoft Export/Import MSDS Data
VIC Vicar Picture File
VID Media Player Video
VID Monitor Control File
VID MS-DOS 5 Shell Monitor File
VID QuickTime Video
VID Screen Driver
VIF Khoros Visualization Image File
VIK Viking Picture File
VIM VIM (Vi IMproved) Editor File
VIR Virus Infected File (renamed by Symantec Anti-Virus)
VIS Picture File
VIT LabView File
VIV VivoActive Player Streaming Video File
VIZ Division dVS/dVISE File
VJS QuickTime Music File
VL2 Tribes 2 Game (actually a ZIP file)
VLB Corel Ventura Library
VLD DataFlex Variable Length Data File
VLM Ashlar Vellum CAD Drawings Extension
VLT Darn! Passwords! Vault File
VM Geoworks Virtual Memory File
VM1 Panasonic SD Voice Editor File
VMC Acrobat Virtual Memory File
VMDC VMware Virtual Disk File
VMDK VMware Virtual Disk File
VMF FaxWorks Audio File
VMF Ventura Font Characteristics
VMO Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover File
VMO Siemens Sl45 Mobile Phone Voice File
VMO Virtools Behavioral Server Composition (Web-based Protected Format)
VMP Logos Library System 2.x Verse Map
VMS Sega Dreamcast VMU Save File
VMS Sound File
VMX VMware Configuration File
VNC Virtual Network Computing
VO Vivid Include File
VOB DVD Video Movie File (MPEG-2 program streams with additional info)
VOC Creative Labs Sound Blaster Sound File
VOC Quartet Audio File
VOC Sound File
VOF VZ Programmer Object Folder
VOID Halflife Map Voids File
VOL Earth Siege 2 Archive
VOL Giants: Citizen Kabuto Archive
VOL Tribes 2 Game File
VOL Tribes Extreme Archive
VOX Dialogic ADPCM
VOX Natural MicroSystmes Voice File
VOX Talking Technology Inc. File
VOX Vox Audio
VP Freespace Archive
VP Ventura Publisher File
VPD VitaGraph File (medical testing related)
VPG VPGraphics File
VPP Red Faction/Summoner Package File
VPP Virtual Pool Game (unverified)
VPT Visual Pinball File
VQE Yamaha Sound-VQ Locator File
VQF Yamaha Sound-VQ File
VQL Yamaha Sound-VQ Locator File
VRC SATLOC VRC (Variable Rate Control)
VRF Oracle 7 Configuration File
VRM Quattro Pro Overlay File
VRO Panasonic DVD Recorder File
VRP Watcom Project File
VRS WordPerfect Graphics Driver
VS Vivid Include File (Surface definition)
VS2 Roland-Bass Transfer File
VSD Visio Drawing (flow chart or schematic)
VSDISCO SOAP Dynamic Discovery File (MS SOAP & .NET apps)
VSF Atari Calamus-module/-driver Verlauf Setup Filter = Blend (graduated tint) setup filter (Blend module)
VSL GetRight Download List File
VSM VisSim Simulation Model
VSP SPX Sprite
VSP Virtusales ASP Compiler Project File
VSS Shapeware Visio Smartshapes File
VSS Visio Stencil
VST Targa Bitmap
VST Truevision Vista Graphic
VST Visio Template
VSW Visio Workspace File
VSX XML for Visio Stencil File
VT Linux VT100 File (use cat command to view)
VTM Cold Fusion Studio Query
VTX XML for Visio Template File
VUE 3D Studio Animation
VUE dBase or Foxpro View
VUE MS Visual FoxPro 2.x view
VVF ViVerify Fingerprint
VVP Visual Voice Project File
VVR ViVerify Repair
VVT VersaPro Variable View Table
VW Lightscape View
VW Volkswriter Text File
VWF CADvance Drawing File
VWL MGI VideoWave Video Wave Library (MGI to be bought by Roxio)
VWR PC Tools File Viewer
VWT MGI VideoWave Video Wave Thumbnail (MGI to be bought by Roxio)
VXD MS Windows Virtual Device Driver (also see .VDX)
VXML VoiceXML Source File
VXS Voice Xpress User Profile
W Go to top of page
W Applause Word Chart
W Progress Database File
W?? Divided Compressed File (?? = 01 to 99; used when installs needed to be on individual floppy disks)
W14 Genesis 2000 File
W30 Ventura Printer Font
W31 Windows 3.1 Startup File
W3D Black Belt Systems Ray Trace Control File
W40 Windows 95 Backup File
W44 dBase Temporary File
W64 Sonic Foundry Video Editor Wave64 File
WAB MS Outlook Address Book
WAD Doom Game File (also used for other games)
WAD Gunman Chronicle Archive
WAD Half-Life Archive/Texture File
WAD Heretic Archive
WAD Hexen Archive
WAD Large file for Doom game containing video, player level, and other information
WAD Quake Archive
WAD Theme Park World Archive
WAG Urban Chaos Saved Game File
WAL Quake 2 Texture File
WAL WalMaster Showlist File
WAR Archived Konqeror (KDE) HTML Page
WAR Java Web Archive
WAS Procomm Plus Script Source Code File
WAV Waveform Audio (PCM Wave)
WAV Windows Waveform sound
WAX Metafile (points to Windows Media Video [.WMA] file)
WAX Procomm Plus Compiled Script File
WB Dictionary Project Data File
WB1 QuattroPro for Windows Spreadsheet File
WB2 QuattroPro for Windows Spreadsheet File
WB3 QuattroPro for Windows Spreadsheet File
WBA Winace ZIP File
WBA WindowBlinds Compressed Skin (changes the look and feel of Windows XP)
WBC Webshots Picture Collection (library)
WBD Webshots Graphic Format
WBF Windows Batch File
WBK MS Word Backup File
WBK WordPerfect Workbook
WBL Argo WebLoad II Upload File
WBM Webmin Module
WBR Crick WordBar File
WBS WebExpress Website File
WBS Webshots Screensaver
WBS WinBot IRC Client Script
WBT Crick Wordbar Template
WBT WinBatch Script
WBX Webigger File
WBZ WebShots File
WCD WordPerfect Macro Token List
WCFG WildTangent Configuration
WCM WordPerfect Macro
WCM Works File Transmission
WCP WordPerfect Product Info
WD2 Info Select for Palm Organizer File
WD2 WordExpress Document
WDA RUMBA OFFICE 95/N Configuration File
WDAT WildTangent Data File
WDB MS Works database
WDB Works Database
WDF Workshare DeltaView DeltaFile (difference between two documents)
WDK WhizFolder Desktop File
WDL 3D Game Studio Window Definition File (this one is free)
WDL 3D Game Studio World Definition Language File (this one you pay for)
WDL Windows XP Watchdog Log File
WDR Star Wars - Tie Fighter Media
WEB CorelXara Web document
WEB Web Vector Graphic File
WED Corel Xara Web Document
WF1 EViews Workfile (Econometric software)
WFA WinFax Pro Archive
WFB Turtle Beach WaveFront Bank
WFD Turtle Beach WaveFront Drum Set
WFM dBase Form Designer Form Object
WFN Corel Symbols and Fonts
WFP Turtle Beach WaveFront Program
WFS Windows Installation Script
WFX Winfax Data File
WG1 Lotus 1-2-3 Worksheet
WG2 Lotus 1-2-3 Worksheet
WGF WaterGuide File (Decision Support System Water Reuse)
WGP Wild Board Games Data File
WGT Worms Armageddon Teams File
WHT MS NetMeeting Old Whiteboard Document
WI Wavelet Compressed Bitmap
WI Wavelet Image (different compression for JPEG)
WID Ventura Width Table
WIF Wang Image File (usually fax related)
WIF Wavelet Image File
WIF Weaving Information Format
WIL Windows Interface Language Script
WIL WinImage File
WIN Window File (used by MS Visual FoxPro 6 and dBase)
WIN Windows Backup File
WIN Wonderware InTouch Window
WINI WildTangent Configuration File
WIP Windows Installer Project (opens with MS Visual Studio Installer)
WIS wIntegrate Basic Script File
WIZ Wizard File (MS Publisher and MS Word)
WJP WildTangent Branded .JPG File
WK! Lotus Spreadsheet File
WK1 Lotus 123 versions 1 & 2 Spreadsheet File
WK3 Lotus 123 version 3 Spreadsheet File
WK4 Lotus 123 version 4 Spreadsheet File
WKB WordPerfect Document File
WKB Workbook File
WKE Lotus Educational Version Spreadsheet File
WKQ Quattro Spreadsheet
WKS Lotus 123 Worksheet spreadsheet
WKS Lotus Spreadsheet File
WKS MS Works Spreadsheet
WKS XLISP Workspace
WKZ Compressed Spreadsheet
WL1 File for Shareware Version of Wolfenstein 3D
WL6 File for Registered Version of Wolfenstein 3D
WLF Argo WebLoad I Upload File
WLG Dr. Watson Log
WLK Virtus Walkthrough Graphics
WLL MS Word Add-In
WLL The Sims (Maxis) Wall Texture File
WLS 602 pro PC SUITE Worksheet File
WLV Web Link Validator File
WLZ Compressed Floppy Image
WMA Windows media audio
WMA Windows Media File (contains audio)
WMC Windows MathCad Startup File Backup
WMC Wordmarc Text File
WMC WordPerfect Macro
WMD Windows Media Download File (compatible with Windows Media Player 7 or later)
WMF Windows Metafile
WML Wireless Markup Language File (HTML file for wireless devices)
WMN DART Pro 98 Playlist
WMP MS JScript Proxy Auto-Configuration
WMS Windows Media Skin File (compatible with Windows Media Player 7 or later)
WMV Windows Media File (contains both video and audio)
WMX Audio Playlist
WMZ Windows Media Compressed Skin File (compatible with Windows Media Player 7 or later)
WN Write Now Text File
WNF Corel Outline Font
WNS PrintShop Newsletter
WOA Windows Swap File
WOC Windows OrgChart Organization
WOR MapInfo Workspace
WOW Grave Composer Music Module (MOD) File
WP WordPerfect Document File
WP4 WordPerfect 4 Document File
WP5 WordPerfect 5 Document File
WP6 WordPerfect 6 Document File
WPA ACT! Word Processor File
WPA Word processing document native to ACT! database program
WPC MS WordPad File Converter
WPD 602 pro PC SUITE Document File
WPD WordPerfect Demo, Screen Driver or Document
WPF Enable Word Processing File
WPF WordPerfect Text File
WPF WorldPort Fax
WPG WildTangent Branded .PNG File
WPG WordPerfect/Drawperfect Graphics File
WPI WCPUID Plug-in (WCPUID confirms reliability of presentation data by CRC code)
WPJ W32Dasm Project File
WPK Keyboard
WPK WordPerfect Macros
WPM WordPerfect Macro
WPS MS Works Text Document File
WPT 602 pro PC SUITE Template Document File
WPT WordPerfect Template
WPW Novel PerfectWorks document
WPW PerfectWorks Document
WPX Adobe Printer Information File (Usually found in C:\Windows)
WQ! Compressed Quattro Pro Spreadsheet
WQ1 Quattro Pro/DOS Spreadsheet
WQ2 Quattro Pro/DOS version 5 spreadsheet
WR! Compressed Lotus Spreadsheet
WR1 Symphony Spreadsheet File
WRD Charisma Template
WRF WebEx Recording (MS Office add-in for meetings, etc.)
WRI Write Document (Use MS WordPad to open)
WRK Cakewalk Music Project File
WRK Spreadsheet File
WRL Plain Text VRML (Virtual Reality Model) File
WRML Plain Text VRML File
WRP Amiga Compressed Archive File
WRS WordPerfect Windows Printer Driver
WRT IBM Writing Assistant File (DOS Application)
WRX Progress Database File
WRZ Another VRML fileject
WRZ GNUZIP Compressed VRML File
WS Atari Calamus-module/-driver Wokr-tool Setup (Paint module)
WS Hummingbird Exceed File
WS IBM iSeries Client Access File
WS SmartWare Worksheet (requires login)
WS WordStar Document
WS1 WordStar for Windows 1 Document
WS2 WordStar for Windows 2 Document
WS3 WordStar for Windows 3 Document
WS4 WordStar for Windows 4 Document
WS5 WordStar for Windows 5 Document
WS6 WordStar for Windows 6 Document
WS7 WordStar for Windows 7 Document
WSAD WildTangent Actor Definition
WSBM WildTangent Material File
WSC Windows Script Component
WSD EROSION 3D Watershed
WSD WordStar Data File
WSDL Web Services Description Language File (used by XML applications)
WSE Wise File
WSF Windows Script File
WSGO WildTangent Mesh and UVW Mapping File
WSH Windows Script Host Settings File
WSM SMS Installer Working File
WSMO WildTangent Motion File
WSP Chromeleon Wordspace
WSP Fortran PowerStation Workspace
WSQ Wavelet-packet Scalar Quantization
WST WordStar Text File
WSX WinMX Filesharing Program
WSZ Winamp Media Player File Extension (usually represents a zip file from Winamp, like a skin or plugin)
WT WildTangent Branded .X 3D Model
WT2 WordExpress Document Template
WTXT WildTangent Branded .TXT File
WVE Component of a DIVX Movie Conversion
WVE Psion Series 3a/3c/3mx Waveform Sound File
WVL Wavelet Compressed Bitmap
WVX Metafile (points to Windows Media Video [.WMV] file)
WWB WordPerfect Button Bar
WWK WordPerfect Keyboard Layout
WWL MS Word Add-in File
WWP Worms World Party Teams File
WWV WildTangent Branded .WAV File
WXB EXP: The Scientific Word Processor
WXP EXP: The Scientific Word Processor Document
WXS Easy Cross File (cross stitch design)
WZB Librarian of OZ Sharp Book Viewer Add-on
WZD Sharp Organizer Program or Data File
WZN WhizFolder Document
X Go to top of page
X Amapi 3D Modeling (prior to version 4)
X AVS Image
X LEX Program File
X_T Parasolid CAD File
X01 Paradox Secondary Index (can be 01 to 09)
X16 Macromedia Program Extension (16-bit)
X32 Macromedia Program Extension (32-bit)
X3D Xara 3D Project File
X4M TeamLinks Mail File Data
X5 Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
XA Extended Architecture File
XA File on PSX Disc
XA Gear CD Suite File
XA Maxis Extensive Audio (audio compression used with SimCity 3000, The Sims, etc)
XAB MS Mail Address Book
XAB Xenis Mail Address Book
XAR Corel Xara X Vector Drawing File
XBM X Bitmap Graphic
XCF GIMP Image File
XDF Workshare Synergy File
XFD Adobe Text File
XFM OmniForm XML Format
XFN Ventura Printer Font
XFR Symantec Norton Anti-Virus Corporate Version Failed Update
XFT Chiwriter 24 Pin Printer Font
XFX Fax File (various)
XGR MS Graph Edit XML Graph
XI Fast Tracker 2 Instrument
XI ScreamTracker Instrument File
XIF Often a Fax Image (TIFF) File
XIF ScanSoft Pagis XIF Extended Image Format (FAX)
XIF Wang Imaging File
XIF Xerox Image File
XIP Hotbar Image Compression Format
XL Old Amiga Movie Format
XLA MS Excel Add-in File
XLA Xlib Archive
XLB MS Excel Toolbar File
XLC MS Excel Chart File
XLD MS Excel Dialogue File
XLG Xnetech Engraving Logo File
XLK MS Excel Backup File
XLL MS Excel Add-in File (Dynamic Link Library)
XLM MS Excel Macro File
XLR MS Works File
XLS DATAIR Data Import Specification Translation File
XLS MS Excel Worksheet/MS Works Spreadsheet File
XLT Lotus Translation Table
XLT MS Excel Template File
XLT Procomm Plus Translation Table
XLV MS Excel VBA Module
XLW MS Excel Workspace
XM Fast Tracker 2 Extended Module
XM FastTracker 2, Digital Tracker music module (MOD) file
XM Sound File
XMB X-Wing Mission Briefing File
XMI EverQuest File
XMI Winamp Extended Midi File
XML Extensible Markup Language File (see
XMP Graphic File
XMS ViewCafé XML Markup Session
XMT_TXT Parasolid CAD File
XMX AutoCAD External Message Compiled File
XMX Character Set File
XNF Standard Network File Form
XNG OM2 911 Xchange Version 6 Document
XNK MS Exchange Shortcut File
XOT Xnetech Job Output File
XP WinXP Theme
XPL Music File
XPM X Picsmap Graphic
XPO Omega Research ProSuite
XPTHEME Winstyles Theme (customizes the Windows Desktop)
XPW Screen-Fillable Surfer Version of a Form
XQL Extensible Query Language
XQT SuperCalc Macro Sheet
XQT Waffle Executable File
XR1 Epic MegaGames Xargon Data File
XRF Cross Reference File
XS Age of Mythology Artificial Intelligence File
XS Hummingbird Exceed File
XSD XML Schema File (read in text editor)
XSI Softimage XSI
XSL Extensible Stylesheet Language (see
XT* Crosstalk Related File
XTB LocoScript External Translation Table
XTG Quark XPress Tags File
XTP XTree Data File
XTR RealArcade Compressed Data File
XTS CSPro File (combined IMPS and ISSA Census Processing System)
XUL Netscape Adaptation File
XUL XML User Interface Language
XVU BOClean Database File
XWD Crossdown Puzzle File
XWD X Windows Dump
XWF Yamaha XG Works File (MIDI sequencing)
XWI X-Wing Mission File
XWK Crosstalk Keyboard Mapping
XWP Crosstalk Session
XWP Xerox Writer Text File
XWP XMLwriter XML Editor File
XX Xxencoded File
XXE Xxencoded File
XXX Singer Sewing Machine Professional SewWare File
XXY SPARC Executable Script File (e.g., /etc/hostname.xxy identifies network interface on local host)
XY XYWrite Text File
XY3 XYWrite III Document File
XY4 XYWrite IV Document File
XYP XYWrite III Plus Document File
XYW XYWrite 4.0 Document File
XYZ XMol XYZ (MIME type chemical/x-xyz)
Y Go to top of page
Y Amiga Yabba Compressed Archive File
Y Desktop Color Separation Specification Yellow Layer (usually an EPS file)
Y Yaac Grammar File
Y01 Paradox Secondary Index (can be 01 to 09)
YAL Arts & Letters Clipart Library File
YBK MS Encarta Yearbook File
YENC yEnc Encoded File (usually on usenet)
YLT TheWord & Bible Companion Young's Literal Translation Bible
YMAP Ygnius Computer Aided Thinking File
YMG Yahoo! Messenger File
YNC yEnc Encoded File (usually on usenet)
YPS Yahoo! Messenger File
YSP Bitmap Graphic
YUV Color Space Pixel Format
YZ Yac Compressed Archive File
Z Go to top of page
Z Compressed Archive File
Z# Frotz Z-Code Game
Z?? WinZip Split Compressed Archive (?? is a number from 01 upward)
Z3 Infocom Game Module
Z64 Nintendo 64 Emulator
Z80 ZX Spectrum Emulator
ZA? (? = A, B, C,...) Output of the UNIX SPLIT Utility (portions of a file)
ZAP FileWrangler Compressed File (only used in beta)
ZAP MS Windows Software Installation Settings
ZARGO Poseidon UML CE/SE Diagram
ZAX Z-Axis 3-D Office Design Software
ZBA Compressed File Run Through UNIX COMPRESS and BTOA Utilities
ZBD Canon ZoomBrowser Database File
ZBD MechWarrior 3 Snow Fields File
ZBD Zebedee Encrypted File
ZBF Z-Buffer Radiance File
ZC Zipkey Configuration File
ZCH ZIG File (ZIG Game Construction Kit)
ZDB Wonder Word Data File
ZDF Z-Firm Document Folder
ZDG ZView Compressed Document
ZDP ZDNet Password Pro 32
ZEI ANNO 1602 Game
ZER Zerberus File
ZFS C++ Assembly Source
ZFS Interstate '76 Archive
ZFS Interstate '82 Archive
ZFS Z-Firm File Stub
ZGM ZenoGraphics File
ZHP Zipped SwiftView File
ZIG ZIG Game File (ZIG Game Construction Kit)
ZIM PagePath Technologies Compressed Mac OS File
ZIP Zip Compressed Archive File
ZL? ZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed File (ZoneAlarm Mailsafe will quarantine mail attachments and change their extension. The conversions are: .ADE to .ZL0, .ADP to .ZL1, .BAS to .ZL2, .BAT to .ZL3, .CHM to .ZL4, .CMD to .ZL5, .COM to .ZL6, .CPL to .ZL7, .CRT to .ZL8, .EXE to .ZL9, .HLP to .ZLA, .HTA to .ZLB, .INF to .ZLC, .INS to .ZLD, .ISP to .ZLE, .JS to Z0, .JSE to .ZLF, .LNK to .ZLG, .MDB to .ZLH, .MDE to .ZLI, .MSC to .ZLJ, .MSI to .ZLK, .MSP to .ZLL, .MST to .ZLM, .PCD to .ZLN, .PIF to .ZLO, .REG to .ZLP, .SCR to .ZLQ, .SCT to .ZLR, .SHS to .ZLS, .URL/.ASP to .ZLT, .VB to .Z1, .VBE to .ZLU, .VBS to .ZLV, .WSC to .ZLW, .WSF to .ZLX, .WSH to .ZLY)
ZLX Atlantis Ocean Mind Word Processing File
ZM? ZSNES Movie (? = number of the movie)
ZMF Zoner Draw File
ZMK Z-Up Maker Project File
ZMV ZSNES Movie File
ZOM Amiga Compressed Archive File
ZOO Compressed Archive File
ZOO Zoo Tycoon Game File
ZPK Z-Firm Package
ZPL ZIG File (ZIG Game Construction Kit)
ZSK Embroidery Machine Stitch File
ZSR Form*Z Temporary Save File
ZTE E-Tabs Reader File
ZVD ZyXEL Voice File
ZW Chinese
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To view our Privacy policy click here.

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"Our client had a few access database that needed recovery since the workgroup file got corrupted. ETechRecovery's 'Remove Access Security' gave us access to all our databases without a problem. Also email support was great!" -- Van Rensberg, Icon Medialab

"Excellent software and support. I will not hesitate recommending E-Tech Recovery to all my clients" -- Gary Fischer, ACC